Higher School of Business is a member of the European Council of Business Education, ECBE. It is committed to supporting academic and professional learning institutions in economics, business and related fields. It encourages and supports institutions to commit themselves to continuous improvement, it also creates valuable networking opportunities for institutions interested in internationalizing their curriculum and contacts. These services help to enhance the learning environment and career opportunities for students of business.

Active entry into the global educational and scientific space

Higher School of Business implements international activity in the following priority areas:

productive partnerships with leading institutions in the world;

Partner universities: Yerevan State University (Armenia), University of Applied Sciences Janos Kodolani (Hungary), Macerata University (Italy), Rome Business School (Italy), University of International Business and Economics (China), Riga International School of Economics (Latvia), International Business School of the Technological University (Malaysia), Warsaw University (Poland) , Akdeniz University (Turkey), Higher School of Economics and Management (Germany)

assistance in the implementation of international scientific cooperation;

International conferences, seminars, round tables with the participation of foreign professors, specialists and students are held at the HSB

attracting foreign students to basic educational programs;

Over 100 foreign students from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, China, Colombia, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea have been trained and continue to study at the Higher School of Business at bachelor's, master's degrees programs

intensive development of students and staff mobilities programs;

Incoming students mobility from partner universities: University of International Business and Economics (China), Vienna University of Applied Sciences (Austria), Akdeniz University (Turkey).

Outgoing students mobility with financial support from the Southern Federal University, international programs Mevlana, Erasmus +, Stipendium Hungarium to partner universities - Budapest Business School (Hungary), University of Applied Sciences named after Janos Kodolani (Hungary), Akdeniz University (Turkey), University of Suwon (South Korea).

professional internships organization for Higher School of Business students abroad;

More than 50 students took part in foreign internships at the largest travel companies in Turkey, Greece, Spain.

foreign language courses organization for students and staff of the Higher School of Business;

European Diploma Supplement Award documents preparation.

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