The Department of State, Municipal Finance and Financial Engineering of the Higher School of Business of the Southern Federal University was founded in June, 2009.

The head of the department (Doctor of Economics, Professor Dmitry Artemenko) focuses on the field of taxes. His dissertation is called “Tax administration in Russia: the mechanism and directions of modernization.”

Department’s programs involve the study of the following disciplines:

  • tax administration and control;
  • forensic tax examination;
  • Counteracting the legalization of proceeds of crime;
  • tax advice;
  • tax audit;
  • Features of tax advice to major taxpayers;
  • tax management and tax risk management in the organization, etc.

Programs for all training courses are coordinated with the graduating departments and approved by the scientific and methodological council.

 Electronic lecture notes, seminar materials are being developed at the department. That allows students to independently study humanitarian disciplines. Teachers of the department use new educational technologies in teaching, including distance technologies.

 Also, the department is preparing PhD students for the defense of dissertations of economic sciences.

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